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INGENIERÍA CIVIL INTERNACIONAL, S.A. (INCISA) is an independent corporation, established in 1967, and, in fact, one of the first engineering companies operating in Spain.

Business operations are aimed to render engineering and consulting services for hydraulic and hydrological works, hydraulic and environmental resources planning, and a range of integrated services to clients for infrastructures development from their planning to operation.

INCISA’s payroll boasts a strong and experienced multidisciplinary team that encloses, besides other, hydraulic,  civil, geotechnical, electric and electromechanical engineers, as well as graduates in environment, biology, surveying and data processing, who based on their know-how, implement studies, draw up projects, render advise to Works Management and technical assistance for their control and supervision.

Our team is completed by a number of usual cooperating experts in specific fields that ensure INCISA’s technical excellence for successful performance of the hardest challenges.

Such a wide-ranging multidisciplinary approach to water related tasks allows:

  • Clear problems identifying at all times.

  • Integrate solutions proposals matching available resources and terms.

  • Ideas generating capacity.

  • Ability for technical assistance rendered to hydraulic resources agencies, throughout a project, that assures proper completion of required hydraulic infrastructures.

Environmental Management and Quality Systems that meet strictly ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 are implemented by INCISA at every stage.